InfoSecgirls meworkshop in Pune on December 15th 2019

December 15, 2019

InfoSecgirls meetup in Mumbai on December 14th 2019

Speakers and Topic Info:

The agenda of our meets is to get all our Infosec girls under one roof, understand what everyone is upto and together contribute to the community by exchanging knowledge :)

Speaker: Sagar Sharma

This WORKSHOP will consist of an Introduction to Reverse Engineering and Shellcoding on this will we mainly focus on Linux Binaries and Shellcodes on x86 Architecture. A basic introduction of Reverse Engineering will be followed by some known tools like GDB/Radare2 apart from understanding we will also do some hands-on practical. We’ll also create a shellcode and use the debugging tools to get into it and understand how it’s working. The participants will also be shown how to build and exploit a binary on their local machines. Some examples of vulnerable codes and their exploitation will also be provided to the participants to work and learn from them.

Agenda:  Basics of Reverse Engineering.  Introduction to Assembly Language.  Disassembling Binary in GDB/Radare2.  Creating a simple shellcode.  Understanding Shellcode  Playing with Registers.

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